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July 8

This update I mostly did work on the templates for the admin pages. I did a co-
-uple other small changes. I changed the information around the media processi-
ng panel to be more specific, since it was written when it was the only admin
page. Git didn't catch this, but I renamed the templates, so mediagoblin/templ-
ates/admin/user.html now referrs to the page which shows the details of a spec-
ific user. The list view pages are now named ELEMENT_panel.html(ie. user_panel)
I also added a column reported_user_id to the ReportBase table, and had to add
to Report filing to make sure that column gets created. Also I moved the report
media button (on a media page) to the sidebar, though it still needs some form-

--\ mediagoblin/static/images/icon_clipboard.png
--| Added this image for use in template mediagoblin/admin/report.html.
--| Distributed by the GNOME project
--| Under a GNU LGPL v.3 or Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license.
--| I'm still trying to figure out the appropriate way to attribute this in
   | the code

--\ mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/admin/media_panel.html
--| This template is actually the template formerly know as media.html. I
   | renamed it for clarity

--\ mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/admin/report_panel.html
--| This template is actually the template formerly know as report.html. I
   | renamed it for clarity

--\ mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/admin/user_panel.html
--| This template is actually the template formerly know as user.html. I renam-
   | -ed it for clarity

--\ mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/utils/report.html
--| This template is included in the media_home page. It is the report media
   | button. I figured I'd write it like this in case it got more complicated.

--\ mediagoblin/admin/
--| I changed the routing path /a/panel to /a/media for specificity

--\ mediagoblin/admin/
--| I renamed admin_processing_panel to admin_media_processing_panel
--| I wrote a new view function admin_reports_detail
--| I wrote a new view function admin_users_detail

--\ mediagoblin/db/
--| I added in the column reported_user_id to the ReportBase_v0 class

--\ mediagoblin/db/
--| I added in the column reported_user_id to the ReportBase class

--\ mediagoblin/static/css/base.css
--| I added in css classes to display a report. Right now, they are just echo-
   | -ing the ways comments are displayed, but with the link in another color

--\ mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/admin/report.html
--| Created this new template (although git doesn't realize it) to show the de-
   | -tails of a specific report, indicated in the URL

--\ mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/admin/user.html
--| Created this new template (although git doesn't realize it) to show the de-
   | -tails of a specific user, indicated in the URL

--\ mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/base.html
--| Redirected the link from /a/panel to /a/media

--\ mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/user_pages/media.html
--| Moved the media report button to the sidebar

--\ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--| Changed the creation of reports, so that they also assign a column for rep-
   | -orted_user_id.
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July 3

This was a simple commit. I changed all references to Groups into Privileges so
as to not conflict with the new federated groups which are also being written.
I also fixed up some of the code in the user_in_group/user_has_privilege decor-
ator. Users are now assigned the default privileges when they sign up, and ass-
iged active once they are activated. I updated the gmg command makeadmin to use
my groups as well. Lastly, I added the decorator to various views, requiring th-
at users belong to appropriate groups to access pages.

--\ mediagoblin/auth/
--| Added code to assign new users to default privileges

--\ mediagoblin/auth/
--| Added code to assign users to u'active' privilege once the email
   | verification is complete

--\ mediagoblin/db/
--| Renamed Group class to Privilege class

--\ mediagoblin/db/
--| Renamed Group class to Privilege class

--\ mediagoblin/
--| Renamed function based on the Group->Privilege change
--| Rewrote the function to be, ya know, functional

--\ mediagoblin/gmg_commands/
--| Changed the 'makeadmin' command to add the target user to the admin
   | privilege group as well as affecting 'is_admin' column

--\ mediagoblin/submit/
--| Added the requirement that a user has the 'uploader' privilege in order
   | to submit new media.

--\ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--| Added the requirement that a user has the 'commenter' privilege in order
   | to make a comment.
--| Added the requirement that a user has the 'reporter' privilege in order
   | to submit new reports.
--| Got rid of some vestigial code in the file_a_report function.
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June 27

In this commit, I have made a few changes and tightened up some of my models
code. I added in two major pieces of functionality: table foundations and a
decorator to confirm whether or not a user is a member of a certain group.

Table Foundations are default rows that should be present in a given table as
soon as the database is initialized. For example, I am using these to populate
the core__groups table with all of the necessary groups ('moderator', 'com-
menter', etc). Right now, this is achieved by adding a dictionary of parameters
(with the parameters as lists) to the constant FOUNDATIONS in
mediagoblin.db.models. The keys to this dictionary are uninstantiated classes.
The classes which require foundations also have must have a constructor so that
the list of parameters can be passed appropriately like so:
In order to implement these foundations, I added the method populate_table_fou-
-ndations to MigrationManager in mediagoblin.db.migration_tools.

The decorator, called user_in_group, accepts as a parameter a unicode string,
and then decides whether to redirect to 403 or let the user access the page. The
identifier is the Group.group_name string, because I believe that will allow for
the most readable code.

I also added in the simple decorator require_admin_login.

In terms of tightening up my code, I made many minor changes to my use of white
space and made a few small documentation additions. I removed a vestigial class
(ReportForm) from mediagoblin.user_pages.forms. I moved all of my migrations in-
to one registered Migration.

Setting up Foundations

--\ mediagoblin/db/
--| created: MigrationManager.populate_table_foundations
--| modified: MigrationManager.init_or_migrate to run
  | self.populate_table_foundations on init

--\ mediagoblin/db/
--| created: FOUNDATIONS
----| created: group_foundations

Working With Permissions
--\ mediagoblin/
--| created: user_in_group
--| created: require_admin_login

--\ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--| modified: added decorator user_in_group to file_a_report

--\ mediagoblin/admin/
--| modified: added decorator require_admin_login to all views functions

General Code Tidying

--/ mediagoblin/admin/
--/ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--/ mediagoblin/db/
--/ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--/ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--/ mediagoblin/db/
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June 25

This is the first stage of my project of implenting admin/moderator functiona-
lity. At this point, I have finished all the of basic work with the models! I
still need to do some tightening of their documentation, but they seem to be
working well.

Working with Models

--\ mediagoblin/db/
--| Added in the Report model and table. This model is strictly a parent
----| Added in the CommentReport model which holds information about a report
    | filed against a comment. This class inherits from Report.
----| Added in the MediaReport model which holds information about a report f-
    | -iled against a media entry. This class inherits from Report.
--| Added in a UserBan model and table. This model is in a one to one relatio-
  | -nship with User. This object acts as a marker for whether a user is banned
  | or not.
--| Added in a Group model. These objects are in a many-to-many relationship
  | with User to explain which privileges a User has.
----| Added in GroupUserAssociation which is a table used to hold this many to
    | many relationship between Group & User.

--\ mediagoblin/db/
--| Added in the migrations for all of the additions to models
--| Added UserBan_v0
--| Added Report_v0
----| Added CommentReport_v0
----| Added MediaReport_v0
--| Added Group_v0
----| Added GroupUserAssociation_v0

Working with Templates, Views, and Routing

>>> Reporting a Comment or a MediaEntry

--\ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--| Added in the function file_a_report to allow user to file reports against
  | MediaEntries or Comments. Handles GET and POST requests.
--| Added in the function file_a_comment_report which uses file_a_report but
  | also catches appropriate information for comment_ids. I may be able to do
  | this more eloquently with decorators.

--\ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--| Added in route 'mediagoblin.user_pages.media_home.report_media'
  | (linked to address /u/[Unknown site tag]/m//report/ )
--| Added in route ''mediagoblin.user_pages.media_home.report_comment'
  | (linked to address /u/[Unknown site tag]/m//c//report/ )

--\ mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/user_pages/report.html
--| I created this file to handle the filing of a report.

--\ mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/user_pages/media.html
--| Modified this file to add in links allowing users to report either media
  | or comments.

--\ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--| Added in build_report_form which processes data as either a CommentReport or
  | a MediaReport depending on which parameters are present

--\ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--| Added in CommentReportForm
--| Added in MediaReportForm
--| note: ReportForm is vestigial to an earlier strategy I used and I'll remove it
  | promptly

--\ mediagoblin/
--| Added in 'get_media_comment_by_id' for use in mediagoblin/user_pages/

>>> New Admin Panels

--\ mediagoblin/admin/
--| Added in the function admin_users_panel
--| Added in the function admin_reports_panel

--\ mediagoblin/admin/
--| Added in route 'mediagoblin.admin.users'
  | (linked to address '/a/users')
--| Added in route 'mediagoblin.admin.reports'
  | (linked to address '/a/reports/')

--\ mediagoblin/templates/admin/user.html
--| Created this file as a template for monitoring users

--\ mediagoblin/templates/admin/report.html
--| Created this file as a template for monitoring reports filed against media or
  | comments

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