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~ R e s e a r c h   T o - D o   L i s t ~
☑ Read up on Django
☑ Learn about basics and query selection in SQLAlchemy
☑ Learn about many-to-many relationships in SQLAlchemy
☐ Research a few admin/moderation styles
☑ Familiarize myself with various facets of the mediagoblin package
☐ Learn about comment submission process
☑ Learn about User model type in mediagoblin.db.models
☐ Learn about media submission process
☑ Read about writing mediagoblin plug-ins
☑ Research database migrations

~ P l a n n i n g   T o - D o L i s t ~

☑ Figure out which packages I need to research
☑ Decide how many and what type of pages will be needed
☐ Making general logistical and implementation decisions
☐ Which permission states there should be?
☒ Make it a scale, so that permission checks can be done with >=?
☒ Make it based on multiples so that permission checks can be done with %?
☑ Permissions will be handled thru the use of a new Group model
☐ Whether to include moderators or not?
☐ Should users have moderation over their own pages?

~ I m p l e m e n t a t i o n   T o - D o L i s t ~

☐ Add new urls to mediagoblin.admin.routing
☐ Add new views to mediagoblin.admin.views
☐ Add new templates to mediagoblin.templates.admin
☐ Rename the media processing panel appropriately
☐ Rename url route for '/a/panel' mediagoblin.admin.routing
☐ Rename admin_processing_panel function in mediagoblin.admin.views
☑ Modify the user model to include permissions
☒ Add a new Column(Integer) variable to the User model in mediagoblin.db.models
☑ Add a new Group class to models
☑ Build a many-to-many relationship btwn User(s) and Group(s)
☐ Modify various pages to allow/reject the user to take an action based on their permissions
☐ Prevent punished users from posting comments
☐ Prevent punished users from posting media
☑ Modify various templates to add in a clickable Report button
☐ Modify various templates to add in links only visible to admins or moderators
☐ Add new urls to various files of to account for Report POST/GET requests
☐ Write documentation for about proper use of administration
☐ Write a draft and share it with other mediagoblin devs

Just finished : ☑ Research database migrations
Currently working on : ☐ Learn about many-to-many relationships in SQLAlchemy

(symbols for reference)
☐ This is a task to do!
☑ This is a task that you've done, good job!
☒ You decided that this task was not actually worth doing/possible to do, that's fine!
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