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I am so grateful and so excited to say that I have been accepted into the GNOME Outreach Project for Women! I'm going to be working on an Administrative/Moderation System for mediagoblin from June through September. I've written a proposal for how I imagine doing this, and I may post part of it up here shortly once I get to make it more concrete.

I can't wait to work with my awesome mentor and I've been spending today making sure that my development environment is set up just right. I also would love to meet some of the other folks who got accepted and will be logging onto the #opw IRC channel tonite [internet chat does make me anxious sometimes though, one step at a time ;)].

Anyway, thanks for reading, I'll be posting more updates soon~


BTW can I just say: I think this is my first time writing in a blog... get with the times, I know XD. Excited about that too tho~~

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