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Okay! the mid term evaluation is coming up and I'm feeling really good about the work I've done. I'm just about at the point where I've finished the functionality of the moderation system! Now, users can file reports on objectionable content, and moderators can take disciplinary action to resolve the reports. The reports are all archived upon resolution. Admins, on the other hand, have the power to discipline users at will. The system of granting users privileges works and is expandable. In the process, I solved ticket 679 from

Looking forward, I'm excited to have the time to make sure my code is as clean as possible. I'm hoping to update a few of the code snippets that my new systems make obsolete. For example, the User table used to have a Boolean column 'is_admin'. This is now obsolete because admins must be have the 'admin' privilege in their list of 'all_privileges'.

Aside from cleaning up my code, I'm also going to spend the rest of this time tweaking the UI with the input of other users. I also need to write most of my unittests.

But in short, I'm very excited to be on track. I'll be posting updates on some of my recent commits soon :]
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