May. 30th, 2013

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First, I realized that I haven't really gone into what my project is yet. Luckily~ I wrote a summary of that already, basically my project is:

Creating pages on a mediagoblin server to act as user interfaces for administrators and/or moderators. Giving administrators the power to remove media, users or comments and to enact other punitive measures.

It feels to me like an important topic, and I am excited to dip into the many nuances and questions of it.

I've been spending these last days diving back into my application and trying to figure out exactly what I need to learn and what I decisions I need to make to be able to go forward. I went thru the Django tutorial and now the layout of Mediagoblin makes perfect sense to me :D

I still have a few key decisions to make here. I've got lots of ideas about how make this happen and with all of them, it can be kind of overwhelming!! So I've been making things simpler by making a well-organized (and attractively laid out) plan, which you can find below. I'm planning to be constantly updating this list with my progress:

Project To-Do List

thanks for reading!

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