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June 25

This is the first stage of my project of implenting admin/moderator functiona-
lity. At this point, I have finished all the of basic work with the models! I
still need to do some tightening of their documentation, but they seem to be
working well.

Working with Models

--\ mediagoblin/db/
--| Added in the Report model and table. This model is strictly a parent
----| Added in the CommentReport model which holds information about a report
    | filed against a comment. This class inherits from Report.
----| Added in the MediaReport model which holds information about a report f-
    | -iled against a media entry. This class inherits from Report.
--| Added in a UserBan model and table. This model is in a one to one relatio-
  | -nship with User. This object acts as a marker for whether a user is banned
  | or not.
--| Added in a Group model. These objects are in a many-to-many relationship
  | with User to explain which privileges a User has.
----| Added in GroupUserAssociation which is a table used to hold this many to
    | many relationship between Group & User.

--\ mediagoblin/db/
--| Added in the migrations for all of the additions to models
--| Added UserBan_v0
--| Added Report_v0
----| Added CommentReport_v0
----| Added MediaReport_v0
--| Added Group_v0
----| Added GroupUserAssociation_v0

Working with Templates, Views, and Routing

>>> Reporting a Comment or a MediaEntry

--\ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--| Added in the function file_a_report to allow user to file reports against
  | MediaEntries or Comments. Handles GET and POST requests.
--| Added in the function file_a_comment_report which uses file_a_report but
  | also catches appropriate information for comment_ids. I may be able to do
  | this more eloquently with decorators.

--\ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--| Added in route 'mediagoblin.user_pages.media_home.report_media'
  | (linked to address /u/[Unknown site tag]/m//report/ )
--| Added in route ''mediagoblin.user_pages.media_home.report_comment'
  | (linked to address /u/[Unknown site tag]/m//c//report/ )

--\ mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/user_pages/report.html
--| I created this file to handle the filing of a report.

--\ mediagoblin/templates/mediagoblin/user_pages/media.html
--| Modified this file to add in links allowing users to report either media
  | or comments.

--\ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--| Added in build_report_form which processes data as either a CommentReport or
  | a MediaReport depending on which parameters are present

--\ mediagoblin/user_pages/
--| Added in CommentReportForm
--| Added in MediaReportForm
--| note: ReportForm is vestigial to an earlier strategy I used and I'll remove it
  | promptly

--\ mediagoblin/
--| Added in 'get_media_comment_by_id' for use in mediagoblin/user_pages/

>>> New Admin Panels

--\ mediagoblin/admin/
--| Added in the function admin_users_panel
--| Added in the function admin_reports_panel

--\ mediagoblin/admin/
--| Added in route 'mediagoblin.admin.users'
  | (linked to address '/a/users')
--| Added in route 'mediagoblin.admin.reports'
  | (linked to address '/a/reports/')

--\ mediagoblin/templates/admin/user.html
--| Created this file as a template for monitoring users

--\ mediagoblin/templates/admin/report.html
--| Created this file as a template for monitoring reports filed against media or
  | comments
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